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21 January 2011 @ 05:17 am
Ok so since it’s 5:30 am and I can’t sleep right now and I have no class to worry about tomorrow I figured I’d do a review of somesort of Avenged Sevenfold's: nightmare after xmas tour! (with new medicine, hollywood undead, and stone sour)
Well now to go enjoy my concert hangover, not sleeping and no class to worry about. woot!
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02 January 2011 @ 05:31 pm
 So It seems like I only write on here when I am extremely bored, and that is one of these cases...
first off HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! yayyyyy! 
I'm hoping 2011 is awesome...cause last year kind of sucked. But I realized this year... I WON'T HAVE TO BE IN PALISADES FOR ANY PART OF MY YEAR. So that right there makes it awesome already!
As i'm writing this i'm blinking my eyes a lot and glancing around at everything like a idiot. why is this you may ask? well because I AM WEARING CONTACTS AND IT'S SO WEIRD TO NOT BE WEARING GLASSES! Seriously I should've gotten these earlier in my life...it's so weird to ACTUALLY HAVE PERIPHERAL VISION! I mean with my glasses I didn't really have peripheral vision since the glasses didn't cover the whole 180 of my eye sight.... (This makes me wonder how I lasted through marching band without dying!) 

Things I am psyched for:
--No school until the 19th. O yes, I beat out like everyone else who's going back the 9th or something. WHAT A WIN!

--AVENGED SEVENFOLD ON JANUARY 20th! I know I speak for Mac too when I say we both are veryyy excited since 
        A. We've been wanting to see them live for 5+ years now
        B. We do not have to travel to Philly and worry about dying!
        C. We do not have to hitch a ride with our parents (But If it snows... we probably will so my dad doesn't have a heart attack. But it's nice to have the option)
        D. Because of Option C we also have the option of ARRIVING AS EARLY AS WE WANT TO GET ON THE BARRICADE. Yes, that is my goal I want to be either dead center or infront of Zacky V. <3 
        E. Also, there is also an option of stalking buses afterward. This may or may not happen.
The only thing that'll be weird is no Jimmy.... I will probably cry since it'll be like actual realization that he is no longer with us. If they do "So Far Away" I will definitely cry. I know it! There is a mystery drummer in the works too since Mike Portney left....and since Reading is the first stop I have a feeling that is when we'll meet this mystery dude/dudette. 

--I found out spring break is the week of my birthday. I now know I can go do something epic to celebrate this occasion. (Hopefully with a concert somewhere)

--....Well it's not 2010 so i'm excited!

Things I am not excited for:
--the need to plan out my future. Like what I'm gonna end up doing with my life and stuff like that. 
--a 8am piano class O.o
--...did I mention anything about my future yet???

Well that's all I can really think about rambling about for today....until the next time I feel extremely bored!!!

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